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Fisk Industries was founded by the wealthy philantrophist Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin. The corporation was known for its good deeds to the city, attaining to Wilson Fisk the fame of "Crusader" and "Generous", but secretly it also acted as the main funding source for Fisk's criminal empire across New York. Fisk Industries was also spreading quickly, with many new subsidiaries being constructed. Ubeknownst to many, these construction sites were actually used for money laundering and drug trafficking. It also owned many other properties on the city, such as the Hudson Harbor, where Philip Watson used to work, until the place was accquired by the corporation to secretly store weapons.

Fisk Industries was almost closed in October 2018, when Fisk's criminal records were publicly proven true, leading to his arrest by Spider-Man and the NYPD. It's unknown who runs the corporation now.



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