Quote1.png Don't know if I can kill it. Don't know if it can be killed. But no one likes a boot to the face. Quote2.png
-- Daredevil src


A Fist is a magical creature, a sentient corpse that can be created through rituals by The Hand. It is the result of a sacrifice of one-hundred of their members to the Beast.

A Fist, possessing the body of Sheltering Hand follower Onehand, was sent by The Hand to kill the Chinatown crime boss Tenfingers, a former member of The Hand who had stolen power from them. The Fist then targeted several followers of the Tenfingers's church when he bestowed his power upon them to escape. The civilians were eventually rescued by Daredevil, who neutralized the Fist by impaling it with its own weapon.[1]


Fist possessed high levels of strength and endurance as it was able to fight off Daredevil and make him doubt he could kill it.[1]


Fist was a skilled fighter in terms of both unarmed and armed combat.[1]


While it was a reanimated corpse, it could still be killed.[1]


Varied; the one that possessed Onehand wielded a sword and a scissor in place of his left arm, which further connected to scythe via a long chain.[1]

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