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Quote1.png But how much time do we have? Chase took the Fistigons from our workshop. He's in possession of the most powerful gauntlets ever invented! Quote2.png
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The Fistigons are weaponized high-tech gauntlets created by famed scientists Victor and Janet Stein of The Pride.[2][3]

Chase Stein discovering the Fistigons

Verison 1

After witnessing their parents sacrificing a young women, the Runaways visited their parents' houses trying to find evidence against them.[4] In the Steins secret laboratory, Chase Stein found the Fistigons and the X-Ray Specs.[2] With practice, Chase began to slowly learn how to more effectively use the Fistigons.[3][5]

After accessing the Marine Vivarium, Chase was attacked by security golems.[6] Too weak to continue on to face The Pride, Chase offered the Fistigons and X-Ray Specs to Alex Wilder, who later betrayed them all.[7] The gauntlets were destroyed when the Gibborim killed Alex.[8]

Chase Stein on the 4-D Time Portico with a new pair of Fistigons

Version 2

While stranded in 1907, Chase stole Yorkes' timemachine planning to retrieve Gertrude Yorkes.[9] Unable to take Gert from her seemingly happy life, Chase instead secretly visited his parents' workshop and stole another set of Fistigons and X-Ray Specs.[10]

In the Malibu House, Chase found a matching pair of Footstigons.[11] Using the combination of rockets on the Fistigons and Footsigons allows Chase to fly similar to Iron Man.[12]

The Fistigons were brought with Chase when he, Nico Minoru, and fourteen other super-powered adolescents were abducted and brought to Murderworld by Arcade.[13] The Fistigons were briefly integrated into the Darkhhawk Armor when Chase became "Chasehawk" with the Raptor Amulet.[14]

Version 3

Chase's new Fistigons from the Masters of Evil

While working for the Masters of Evil, Chase was given a new pair of Fistigons.[15] Since leaving the Master of Evil,[16] it appears that Chase has returned to using the version 2 model of his Fistigons.[17]

Bootleg Copy

An engineer working for Mister Negative stole the design and built one for his Inner Demons. Unfortunately for the engineer, he was also an informant and a list of informants had leaked out. Mister Negative read it and executed the informant.[18]


Chase Stein using the Fistigons to create a flaming chainlink fence

The Fistigons are equipped with several offensive weapons including:

  • Pyrokinesis: The Fisitgons can shoot out flames and construct the flames into various shapes or patterns.[19][20][5][15] The Fistigons do not appear to require fuel or power sources.
  • Electrokinesis: The Fistigons can release some type of electrical blasts.[19][21][10][11]
  • Projectile Launchers: The Fistigons can launch missiles.[10]
  • Flight: When paired with the Footstigons, the Fistigons appear to be capable of flight.[12]
  • Concussive Blasts: The Fistigons can emit concussive energy blasts.[22]

Alternate Realities

Runaways Became Young Avengers (Earth-2912)

Iron Lad giving Chase Stein the new Fist-O-Gons

As a member of the Young Avengers, Talkback possess a new pair of Fist-O-Gons given to him by Iron Lad.[1][23]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Fistigons from Marvel's Runaways 001.jpg

The Fistigons were created by Chase Stein.[24] His father is very impressed with their design and function.[22] The Fistigons appear to emit concussive energy blasts.[22] Currently, other possible functions are unknown.

After a fight about accessing his workshop, Victor grabs the Fistigons and tries to shoot Chase with them. However, Victor is stopped when he is shot with a handgun by Janet Stein.[25]


Pusher Man with his Fistigon-like gauntlets

  • The drugdealing villain Pusher Man possessed a pair of gauntlets very similar to the Fistigons.[26]
  • The word "Fistagon" was originally coined by the band Rage Against the Machine for their song "Bulls on Parade" to describe the iron-fisted Pentagon.

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