Following the foundation of the mutant state of Krakoa, Charles Xavier established a group of mutants known as “the Five” (Tempus, Proteus, Hope Summers, Elixir, and Egg) with the goal to resurrect all the fallen mutants in a process that Magneto called “transcendent” in which the five mutants, together, were able to create life by generating biological husks.

During this process of mutant resurrection, Egg produces a number of nonviable biological "eggs," equal to the number of mutants The Five has to resurrect. The eggs are then injected with mutant DNA from Mister Sinister’s genetic catalog, and then made viable thanks to Proteus’ reality-altering powers, transforming the unviable eggs into viable ones. Elixir biologically gives the eggs life starting a new cellular replication process and husk growth, and then Eva Bell uses her time manipulation powers to maturate the husks to the age the mutants were when they died. Hope Summers uses her mimic powers to empower everyone else’s abilities in the process. Hope's powers allow The Five to operate at both their peak and in unison. With this process, The Five were effectively able to make new clones of the deceased mutants, restoring their bodies, their powers, and their minds as they were at the time of their deaths.

The more The Five practiced their resurrections, the easier the process became. Also, these five mutants appeared to have become an inseparable family unit and were almost never seen apart from one another. Their connection appeared to have extended beyond the union of their powers, reaching the mutants themselves. On Krakoa, The Five were considered as something sacred to be treasured.

Because the powers of Proteus were directly associated with the destruction of his own body, The Five had a backup mutant husk prepared for Proteus to inhabit when he burned out his old one. Depending on the frequency with which he used his powers, a Proteus body normally lasted one week, or even a single day during periods of excessive power use.

Xavier tasked The Five with resurrecting Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Husk, Archangel, Penance, Mystique, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler who died destroying the Mother Mold.[2]

The Five had previously resurrected other long deceased mutants, such as Banshee, as well as Sophie and Esme Cuckoo.[3]

The Five were seen partying following the recognition of Krakoa as a sovereign nation by the United Nations and the first meeting of the Quiet Council.[4][5]

Due to the complexities of making sure who is dead, missing, or simply displaced, so there won't be duplications of mutants running around, the formation of X-Factor was needed. X-Factor Investigations would solve the cases and/or the whereabouts of missing or potentially dead mutants, and inform the Five on their findings so they could start the resurrection process.[6]

The resurrection protocols were briefly shut down when Rockslide was brought back from his death on Otherworld with his mind scrambled. It was concluded by The Quiet Council and X-Factor Investigations that mutants who die on Otherworld can't be brought back.[7] After Saturnyne's Ten of Swords tournament ended resurrections where resumed.[8]




  • The Quiet Council and the Five agreed that clones can't be resurrected due to the similarities to their progenitor, like the Goblin Queen.[9]
  • Due to Otherworld's connection to the entirety of the Multiverse, mutants that die there can't be brought back to life by the Five, such as Rockslide. The first attempt to do so resulted in the resurrected mutant transformed into an amalgamation of their multiversal counterparts, drawing on enough energy to temporarily shut down all five Cerebros and the Five's connection, and corrupting the copy/essence of the mutant's mind in Cerebro.[2][7]
  • The Five need a telepath and Cerebro in conjunction with the resurrection process to implant the essence of the newly created husk to complete the process.[7]
  • If a member of the five dies themselves, Sync and Mimic are on reserve to fill their role in their resurrection.[10]
  • If a mutant dies on Amenth they will be brough back in an evolved form, with their powers and skills improved and their personality altered.[8]

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