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Following the foundation of the mutant state of Krakoa, Charles Xavier established a group of mutants known as “the Five” (Tempus, Proteus, Hope Summers, Elixir, and Egg) with the goal of resurrecting all mutants that had died before their time.[2]



The Five were first conceived of long before the births of any of its members. In the early days of the partnership between Moira and Charles Xavier, Xavier speculated that several mutants working in tandem might be able to restore life to the dead. The pair lacked a mutant with reality warping powers, prompting Moira to find potential matches for the both of them that might produce such a mutant. This would lead to the births of Legion and Proteus, the latter of whom would become a member of the Five.[3]

In order to lay the groundwork for when this process might be realized, Xavier (and the now-initiated Magneto) contacted Mr. Sinister, charging him with creating a database with the genetic material of every known mutant, and contacted Forge, asking him to create a Cerebro-storage unit which could house backups of the consciousness of every known mutant, telepathically created and stored by Xavier himself.[4]


In the early days of the mutant nation of Krakoa, Xavier and Moira's age-old plan was finally realized, as the Five were brought together and set to their task of resurrecting mutants who had faced a premature end.

The Five combine their mutant powers in order to resurrect deceased mutants. During this process of mutant resurrection, Egg produces a number of nonviable biological "eggs," equal to the number of mutants the Five have to resurrect. The eggs are then injected with mutant DNA from Mister Sinister's genetic catalogue, and then made viable thanks to Proteus' reality-altering powers. Elixir biologically gives the eggs life starting a new cellular replication process and husk growth, and then Tempus uses her time manipulation powers to quickly age the mutant husks. Hope Summers uses her powers to enhance everyone else's abilities. Hope's powers allow the Five to operate at both their peak and in unison. A telepath then copies over the mutant's consciousness, recorded by Cerebro, from a copy made at the time of their deaths, onto the husk. Through this process, the Five are effectively able to make new clones of deceased mutants, restoring their bodies, their powers, and their minds as they were at the time of their deaths.

Xavier placed value in dividing the elements of the resurrection protocols, hence the Five did not have access to a Cerebro cradle housing back-ups or the collection of genetic material and were reliant on the aid of an external telepath. [5]

The more the Five practiced their resurrections, the easier the process became. Also, these five mutants appeared to become an inseparable family unit and were almost never seen apart from one another. Their connection appeared to have extended beyond the union of their powers, reaching the mutants themselves. On Krakoa, the Five were considered sacred and were to be protected at all costs.

Because the powers of Proteus were directly associated with the destruction of his own body, The Five had a backup mutant husk prepared for Proteus to inhabit when he burned out his old one. Depending on the frequency with which he used his powers, a Proteus body normally lasted one week, or even a single day during periods of excessive power use.

Due to the complexities of discerning who is dead, missing, or simply displaced, so there won't be multiple versions of the same mutant alive at once, the formation of X-Factor was approved. X-Factor Investigations would confirm the whereabouts and status of missing and potentially deceased mutants, and inform the Five on their findings so they could start the resurrection process.[6]

The resurrection protocols were briefly shut down when Rockslide was brought back from his death on Otherworld with his mind scrambled. It was concluded by The Quiet Council and X-Factor Investigations that mutants who die on Otherworld can't be brought back as themselves, but rather will be brought back as an amalgamation of all versions of themselves from every potential reality, effectively making them a new person.[7] After Saturnyne's Ten of Swords tournament ended, resurrections were resumed.[8]

Although nominally subservient to the rules of the Quiet Council, the Five began to increasingly take matters into their own hands. When they found out Scout had been killed and her friends the Lost Club were trying to resurrect her behind their back, they agreed to do it themselves and wrote a letter to the Quiet Council asking them to repeal their law against resurrecting clones.[9] Some time later they were given permission to resurrect Madelyne Pryor.[10]

They also agreed to help Magneto go behind the council's back and resurrect the Scarlet Witch, though she resurrected herself using the protocols through her own power before they could.[11] They were also tricked by Mystique posing as Charles Xavier into resurrecting Destiny.[12] In the course of Destiny's resurrection, Mystique taught Hope how to telepathically implant the backups of a mutant into their husk and gave her one of the Cerebro cradles, thus granting the Five near-full control over the resurrections. [13]

Destiny of X[]

Following Magneto's resignation from the Quiet Council, Hope was encouraged by Exodus to seek the vacant seat. Hope interrupted a council meeting to all but demand a seat on the council on behalf of the Five, stating that the Five were integral to Krakoa and needed a seat on the council to make their voices heard. Hope was granted the seat, greatly increasing the Five's political power on the island.[14]

===Fall of X===





  • The Quiet Council and the Five initially agreed that clones such as Madelyne Pryor can't be resurrected due to the similarities to their progenitor.[15] The Five broke this rule by resurrecting Gabby Kinney and afterwards filed a formal request to the Council to change this ruling, arguing that Cerebro registered these "clones" as individuals separate from their genetic originals, and that they therefore deserved resurrection.[9]
  • Due to Otherworld's connection to the entirety of the Multiverse, mutants that die there cannot be restored to their original selves. The first attempt to do so resulted in the resurrected mutant being transformed into an amalgamation of their multiversal counterparts, drawing on enough energy to temporarily shut down all five Cerebros and the Five's connection, and corrupting the copy/essence of the mutant's mind in Cerebro.[2][7]
  • The Five need a telepath and Cerebro in conjunction with the resurrection process to implant the essence of the newly created husk to complete the process.[7] Hope eventually learned how to do this herself, though she needs to tap into another mutant's telepathic powers.[13]
  • If a member of the Five except for Egg dies themselves, Synch and Mimic are on reserve to fill their role during their resurrection.[16] As Egg can produce spare eggs between resurrections, no assistance is needed provided he is expedited to the top of the queue while spare eggs are still available.[17]
  • If a mutant dies on Amenth they will be brought back in an enhanced form, with their powers and skills honed and their personality slightly altered.[8]

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