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The Five Weapons Society is a secret organization of martial artists and assassins comprising of five Houses, each dedicated to one weapon. Originally created by Zheng Zu, Zheng Yi, and the Deadly Warriors to protect China, the Society later devolved into a cult-like criminal organization with the aim of world domination, but now serves for the good of mankind.



Although the exact date is unknown, the Five Weapons Society was founded by the sorcerers Zheng Zu and Zheng Yi and their five disciples, the Deadly Warriors. The Society was active during the 1700s, where it protected the Tianjin Prefecture from Fin Fang Foom after its governor built his mansion on the land's dragon lines. Due to the longevity spells cast upon them, the Sorcerer Brothers outlived their disciples and established five Houses in their honor.[1]

In 1860, the Society protected China from the British Army during the Opium Wars. During a battle in Shanghai, a sorcerer in service to the British Army, Baron Harkness, summoned Dormammu's Mindless Ones from the Dark Dimension, resulting in the deaths of the Deadly Warriors and the mortal wounding of Yi. With the Eyes of the Dragon Zu attempted to revive his younger brother's power and youth at the cost of his own life, but not wanting to lead the Society alone, Yi turned the spell on Zu while sacrificing himself in the process, rejuvenating Zu's youth and strength, giving him enough power to destroy the Mindless Ones. From that point forward, Zu led the Society alone.[2]

In 1900, the Society aided the Boxers during the Boxer Rebellion but failed to prevent the destruction of the House of the Deadly Sabre by the Eight Nation Alliance. Having became bitter and corrupt without his brother's guidance and disillusioned with the Qing Empire, Zu renounced his country and allies, dismissing them as weak. Zu subsequently relocated four of the five Houses into countries that had aggressed against the Society, with the Deadly Sabre relocated to Japan, the House of the Deadly Staff to England, the House of the Deadly Hammer to Russia, and the House of the Deadly Dagger to France. Only the House of the Deadly Hand remained in China, which also served as his main base of operations.[3]


In the following years, each of the five Houses became supplemented with scores of Warriors, with the best ones being named the Champion of their house. Several of Zu's children would be raised in each of the Houses, with five of them each emerging as Champion. Zu would shift the Society's goals from protecting China to destroying the Western world, adopting the moniker "Fu Manchu" to strike fear into his enemies. He would also change the Society's name several times, including the Si-Fan, Order of the Golden Dawn, and Order of the Hai-Dai.[4] Despite the changing times, the Society retained the image it had during the Qing Dynasty, with all of its members still wearing clothing of the era well into the 21st century. Members who were raised within the confines of the Society had little to no exposure to modern culture, including Zu's children.

Master of Kung Fu

Zu's son Shang-Chi was raised from infancy to be the Society's ultimate warrior. During his upbringing, Shang-Chi was unaware of the Society's true name or goals, nor the fact that he was the designated Champion of the House of the Deadly Hand. After discovering his father's evil nature, Shang-Chi defected from the organization, sparking a years long conflict with his father's criminal empire that resulted in Zu's death and the destruction of the House of the Deadly Hand.[1]

Struggle for Leadership

Following Zu's death, leadership of the Society was passed onto his son, Brother Staff, who shifted the Society's goals to monetary gain, including drug dealing. Dissatisfied with this direction, Zu's daughter Sister Hammer usurped control of the Society from Staff. Despite Zheng Zu's spirit naming Shang-Chi as his successor, Hammer named herself Supreme Commander of the Society. While the Warriors of the Deadly Staff and Hammer pledged their loyalty to her, the remaining House Champions Brother Sabre and Sister Dagger sought out Shang-Chi for him to reclaim his rightful place as the legitimate ruler. To bolster her forces, Hammer revived her father's experiments with jiangshi, eventually raising an undead army to attack London. With the combined efforts of Shang-Chi, Sabre, Dagger, Master Ling, the Warriors of the Deadly Dagger, and Leiko Wu, the jiangshi army was destroyed and Hammer fled from the Society. Shang-Chi was subsequently named Supreme Commander with the four remaining Houses swearing fealty to him. Embracing his role as leader, Shang-Chi vowed to return the Society to its nobler roots.[5]

Supreme Commander Shang-Chi

As the new Supreme Commander, Shang-Chi worked diligently to undo Zheng Zu's evil influence over the Society, including shutting down a rogue drug ring still loyal to his father in New York City.[6] When a Cosmic Cube was up for bid in Macau, Shang-Chi and Brother Sabre attended the auction as representatives of the Society to prevent the Cube from being purchased by the other attending criminal organizations.[7] Due to the disappearance of the original House of the Deadly Hand following Zheng Zu's death, Shang-Chi had a new House built in New York City's Chinatown, which also served as the main headquarters for the Society. Shang-Chi was able to convince his exiled half-sister Zheng Zhilan to rejoin the Society as its new Sister Staff.[8]



Various weapons of Chinese origin, including swords, staves, daggers and war hammers.


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