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This Life-Model Decoy modeled after U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M.'s leader Flag-Smasher was programmed by Dr. Erik Selvig to stage a hostage situation in Manhattan on behalf of Steve Rogers, whose past had been rewritten by a Cosmic Cube to secretly serve Hydra.

Together with other alleged U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. members, the Flag-Smasher raided a gala being held by Senator Thomas Herald, in order to supposedly call the attention of the two Captains America, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, to try to convince them to join his radical left-wing cause.

At the same time several digital attacks on the security networks of government agencies were carried out (nearly leaking America's nuclear launch codes), Flag-Smasher used bombs to kill attendees at the gala. The Flag-Smasher's plan was seemingly foiled when Rick Jones managed to deactivate the bombs and stop the digital intrusions.

With his plan having purportedly failed, Flag-Smasher held Herald at gunpoint. Sam Wilson threw his shield to disarm Flag-Smasher, but he failed since Rogers had discreetly steered him, during the battle, into a position from which he would miss, and Herald was executed. Flag-Smasher proceeded to flee from the scene on a jetpack, and Rogers followed him under the pretense of giving chase. The LMD returned to Rogers' and Selvig's secret base and entered sleep mode.[1]

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