After the seven wizards appeared in Wan Tengri and killed King Won Shi, they built the Flame Tower, whose far-darting fires fell with lethal fury on any caught outside the gates after nightfall. The tower itself was surrounded by the magical red flames that covered the city.[1]

Having heard that Kassar, the man who smuggled him into the city, had been taken prisoner, Conan was led by Bourtai to the Flame Tower to rescue him. Bourtai and Conan sneaked into the underground passages of the tower where the two were separated. Conan came across the already deceased Kassar, and soon found himself in an arena, a guest of the seven wizards. For their entertainment, the wizards sent tigers and men after Conan, culminating in a beautiful masked woman; however, when Conan removes the veil, he saw only a skull and was now facing Death herself.[2]

As soon as the Cimmerian grabbed her hand, he immediately began aging, so he desperately asked her how one man may rule Wan Tengri, knowing that the answer would be enough to topple the precarious government rules by the seven wizards. Death, impressed with his refusal to simply give in, gave him back his life, and, before disappearing, whispered in his ear the key to defeating the wizards. Helped by Bourtai, the Cimmerian the ultimately found the chained princess that Death told him to search for and released her, stopping the proto-furnace machinery that was creating the flame winds on top of the tower. With their power truly destroyed and their armies disrupted in an all-out war, the wizards were set upon and killed by the citizens, and the Princess was actually restored as the true ruler of Wan Tengri.[3]


Chien Su (Earth-616)

Chien Su (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 34 001

Chien Su

Chien Su was the Princess' attendant, who revealed to Conan that the seven wizards were keeping the people in check thanks to the flame winds generated by the proto-furnace machinery on top of the tower.[3]

Former Residents

Shamaash (Earth-616)

Shamaash (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 34 001

Shamaash the Terrible

Armed with a spiked mace, the brooding giant Shammash the Terrible confronted Conan as he tried to escape the tower, but he was killed with a single, decisive blow.[3]

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