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Not much is known about the origins of the so-called Flame Witch. Apparently a witch, who legends claim was worshiped as a goddess of flame and evil. According to those same legends she could not truly die, only sleep in an eternal smolder until she could burst into flames once more. How she came to be in this state is unrevealed.

In 1954, Hans Kreitzer a famous scientist and philosopher retired to the Congo jungle where his colleague Peter hired out his usual secretary Gwen to assist him in his research. Unknown to Kreitzer or Peter, Gwen was secretly the jungle adventurer known as Leopard Girl.

Kreitzer then began creating a nuclear chemical compound that would some how allow him to summon the spirit of the Flame Witch. His experiment was a success, but the newly resurrected Flame Witch began setting the jungle ablaze, the excitement causing Kreitzer to pass out, and the Leopard Girl placed Hans in the cave den of her lion friend Numa and her cubs. Gwen slipped away and changed into the Leopard Girl to confront the Flame Witch, but her powers proved too strong.

The Flame Witch then went after Hans to kill him, but Leopard Girl and Numa attacked. During the fight, the Leopard Girl knocked loose a stone that caused a torrent of water to spray out, dousing the Flame Witch with water putting out her flames and apparently putting her back into her previous state.

If the Flame Witch can ever be resurrected again remains to be seen.

Powers and Abilities


The Flame Witch has control over fire and can project it from her hands. She is immune to heat and fire.


The Flame Witch was apparently vulnerable to water, putting out her flames and putting her into a death of sorts, but apparently the correct nuclear reaction could resurrect her from her state of death.

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