Not much is known about the man known as the Flaming Hate. At sometime in the 1940s, his wife was trapped in a house fire and died before firefighters could rescue her. The experience drove him insane and he was placed in a sanitarium. Blaming firemen for his wife's death, he found a way to escape the sanitarium at night and began starting fires. Wearing a firefighter's uniform, the Flaming Hate would wait for firefighters to appear on the scene. At each fire, he attacked a fireman from behind, stabbing him to death with a knife before fleeing. Due to his choice of disguise, he was able to flee the scene unnoticed, leaving the authorities baffled of his identity.

That all changed in the winter of 1944 when Madeline Joyce and her Uncle Jim were passing by the scene of the latest fire. Madeline changed to her costumed identity of Miss America to assist in the fire-fighting and caught the Flaming Hate before he could kill his latest victim. Chasing the foe away, Miss America took the injured firefighter to the hospital before chasing after the Flaming Hate.

Chasing him back to the sanitarium where he lived, Miss America attempted to warn the staff there who did not believe her until the Flaming Hate attacked them. No match for Miss America's powers and the resident doctor's gun, the Flaming Hate fled to the hospital where the injured firefighter was taken in order to finish the job that he started. There, he started another fire and then attempted to kill the fireman as he recovered. He was once more stopped by Miss America and fled through the burning hospital. Ironically enough, as he fled through a hallway, the ceiling collapsed on him, covering him with burning debris. Unable to do anything for him, Miss America left him to burn alive while she rescued the remaining hospital staff and patients.[1]

It was later alleged that the Flaming Hate was one of many villains who were created by the Organizers, a secret cabal who created threats for Earth's super-heroes in order to keep them occupied and uninvolved in world affairs.[2]



The Flaming Hate wore a fireman's coat and helmet providing him with limited protection from the extreme heat of massive fires. These were presumably provided by the Organizers.


The Flaming Hate carried a knife.

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