The man known as the Flaming Spear was an old and feeble man with delusions of grandeur in his twilight years. As a member of the Gabubi people he sought to rule over them, but grew too old and weak to do so and leadership was given to Wagu. Bitter, the old man retreated into the jungles where he trained a group of gorillas to follow his every command by exploiting their fear of fire, specifically in throwing the flaming spears that earned him his name.[1]

To this end he attempted to burn down the Gabubi village, but the people and their leader were rescued by the jungle hero known as Lo-Zar who pledged to defend the Gabubi people from the Flaming Spear. Lo-Zar next prevented a stampede of wild animals instigated by the Flaming Spear from trampling the recently rebuilt village. Lo-Zar then went into the jungle searching for the Flaming Spear.[1]

There he was captured by Flaming Spear's gorillas and learned of his origins. Flaming Spear then tied Lo-Zar to a post, intending to have his gorillas stab the hero to death with spears. However, Lo-Zar convinced Flaming Spear to give him a chance to defend himself by untying one of his arms and giving him a flaming spear. Flaming Spear agreed, and was caught off guard when Lo-Zar threw the spear high in the air, causing it to land between Flaming Spear and his apes. Frightened by the flames, the apes fled into the jungle abandoning their master who was then promptly taken into custody.[1]

The fate of Flaming Spear is unknown.


An elderly man, the Flaming Spear apparently could not walk on his own.


Flaming Spear rode a gorilla


Flaming Spear used spears which he regularly coated with oil and set aflame.

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