The man who would become the armored hero known as Flatiron, was only known as Russell, an African-American male who was married with three children. In the early 1970s, he and his family moved from West Texas to Detroit as there were better career opportunities for Russell there. His son Russell Jr. grew to resent his father for this move, calling his father a tool for "the man". Russell however was a mechanical genius who was secretly using his know how to develop his own suit of armor that he dubbed Flatiron[1].

As Flatiron, Russell became a hero and by the early 1980s was a member of the super-hero team known as the First Line. He joined his teammates on a mission to rescue Mister Justice who was captured in the nation of Halwan while on an operation to rescue American diplomats being held hostage in the area. The mission was basically a failure when Mister Justice managed to free himself and the hostages, and the battle between the Halwani security forces and the First Line claimed the life of their teammate Blackjack and a team of CIA operatives[2].

In the late 80s, Flatiron was called to action once more with a combined team of past and present members of the First Line and their various foes to stop an invasion of Earth by the Skrull empire. During the course of the battle, Flatiron was fatally blasted by Skrull weapons and seemingly killed. However, his death was not in vein as his leader Effigy succeeded in blowing up the Skrull mother ship, taking out the entire invasion fleet in the process[3].


Gifted mechanical engineer.

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