Mortal form. [1]

Flavius Scollio was a soldier for Emperor Caligula stationed at an outpost in Africa. He was sent by his commander to investigate an anomalous phenomenon, which he discovered was a crashed alien spacecraft. The craft was inhabited by a single alien, which Flavius killed. He then donned the armor which imbued him with power to mentally manipulate his surroundings and advanced longevity. Using the armor, Flavius created the Black Tower of M'Kumbe in Wakanda, which housed a kingdom modeled after ancient Rome inside, where he resided for centuries. Over the years, Flavius captured people from the surrounding area to be his subjects.

Flavius captured the Fantastic Four and Black Panther when they arrived to investigate the tower. Flavius fancied the Invisible Girl with the intention of making her his wife but his plan was foiled when she removed the helmet, which destroyed everything he created and reduced Flavius to a pile of bones.[1]


Headless [1]


  • Neutralize superpowers: Flavius was able to capture the Fantastic Four by neutralizing their abilities with his mind.
  • Advanced longevity: Flavius' armor allowed him to live for centuries.


  • Flavius' continued existence was tied to the armor, and when the armor was removed Flavius crumbed to a pile of bones.


  • Alien Armor: Flavius obtained this armor from an alien that crash landed in Africa.

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