Once a Warskrull chief, he was somehow captured by the Shi'ar and implanted with cybernetic enhancements and the brain of an unnamed Shi'ar soldier in an experimental surgery. He was made part of Shi'ar Death Commandos.[1]

He was allegedly sent by Araki[2] to terminate the whole Grey family, who were supposed to be all potential hosts to the Phoenix.[3]

During the return of Lilandra Neramani as Majestrix and the quasi-Civil War on Chandilar, he was among Araki's Death Commandos battling the Starjammers and the Loyalists to Neramani.[2]

When the Phoenix Force came to find Hope Summers, the Shi'ar Death Commandos were sent again her, with flaw as their leader.[4] They were seemingly killed by Wolverine but especially by Hope's Phoenix burst,[5] but were later seen battling Rachel Summers and the Phoenix Five's forces along Gladiator and the Shi'ar army.[6]

The Death Commandos were next tasked by Oracle with killing Deathbird and anyone with her. They boarded Deathbird's escort shuttle and along with Hypernova and Offset ran into Magik. She asked them if they were human, and when they said no, she let go of her powers and killed all of them. Meanwhile, Black Cloak watched as all their pulses flatlined.[1]



He had various cybernetic implants.

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