Once a Warskrull chief, he somehow fell under the Shi'ars control via his cybernetic enhancements, and was made part of Shi'ar Death Commandos.[1]

He was allegedly sent by Araki[2] to terminate the whole Grey family, supposed to be all potential hosts to the Phoenix.[3]

During the return of Lilandra Neramani as Majestrix and the quasi-Civil War on Chandilar, he was among Araki's Death Commandos battling the Starjammers and the Loyalists to Neramani.[2]

When the Phoenix Force came to find Hope Summers, the Shi'ar Death Commandos were sent again her, with flaw as their leader.[4] They were seemingly killed by Wolverine but especially by Hope's Phoenix burst,[5] but were later seen battling Rachel Summers and the Phoenix Five's forces along Gladiator and the Shi'ar army.[6]



He had various cybernetic implants.

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