The Knight was one of Obadiah Stane's Chessmen. He instructed the Knight to assassinate his business rival Tony Stark. The Knight tried downing Stark's aircraft as it was en route to New Mexico, but Tony managed to affect repairs on the plane using his Iron Man armor and got to his destination safely. The Knight made a second attempt to kill Stark at the compound of an Irish terrorist, but Iron Man used strategy to bait the Knight into a defensive position, enabling Iron Man to take him out. The Knight was incarcerated but soon after, another of Stane's Chessmen, the Bishop, arrived in New Mexico to punish the Knight for his failures. He broke the Knight out of prison, flew him high into the sky then dropped him, letting him plummet to his death. This Knight was later succeeded by a second Knight who fought Stark's successor Jim Rhodes.[2][3]


All of the Knight's abilities stemmed from his technology which originated with Obadiah Stane. He wore a protective suit of armor, rode a mechanical anti-gravity steed and wielded an energy lance.

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