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Fletcher's dad was weapons dealer Harley Traynor, who had invented Heavy Mettle was mysteriously killed in prison. Fletcher, a student of the Massachusetts Academy, received letters from his father recounting what had happened and blamed the New Warriors for his death. Fletcher raided his father's store-house for an appropriate weapon to exact his revenge, but accidentally broke one device which somehow turned him into a toxic sludge monster. Calling himself Biohazard, Fletcher attacked Christmas shoppers at a Brooklyn mall while demanding the presence of the New Warriors. Both the Warriors and Generation X converged on the scene. Generation X secretly operated out of the Massachusetts Academy, which was run by team leader Emma Frost. A misunderstanding turned the two teams against each other until they worked together to defeat Biohazard. Namorita then turned him over to Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. under an assumed name to protect him from the authorities and the criminals who killed his father.[1]

Biohazard was later taken from prison by Whirlwind, given a power boost, and set loose in Topeka, Kansas in order to draw the attention of the Thunderbolts while Whirlwind and three other villains could blackmail Venom (Mac Gargan). Biohazard was eventually defeated and captured by the Thunderbolts. He was presumably then sent back to Project Pegasus.[2]

At some point, Biohazard was apprehended by S.H.I.E.L.D. and placed in Pleasant Hill which served as the most unlikeliest of prisons.[3]

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A body made of toxic sludge that he can fire from his body in globs. Since his power-up, he also has the ability to quickly reform his body and can, if need be, split into at least two smaller versions of himself.


As Biohazard, Fletcher's intelligence is extremely low, and he often acts on pure instinct.

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