La Fleur du Mal was found by Jean Desmarais in the Parisian catacombs in October of 1793 when he was escaping prosecution. The sword offered him protection and a means to destroy his enemies in exchange for swearing a blood oath. Thus, Jean Desmarais and his descendants were cursed with the obligation to wield the sword under the identity of Guillotine.[2]


La Fleur du Mal appears to be a sentient being with a never-ending thirst for blood, which is absorbed by the sword as it cuts through the enemies of its wielder. The sword speaks directly to its user's mind, so it normally can't be heard by other people.[2] However, Gamora has been shown to be able to hear it.[3]

La Fleur du Mal was able to slightly cut through an alternate version of Captain America's Shield during a battle with the Maestro.[4]

When Guillotine tried to use the sword against Rick Jones, the weapon refused to cut him, having deemed Jones "unclean" due to Eddie Brock loaning him the bloodless Venom symbiote. Guillotine was instead forced to defeat Jones by summoning the spirits of La Fleur du Mal's previous wielders.[5]


  • The sword's name was confirmed in the Marvel Contest of Champions video game, for which both it and Guillotine were specifically created.
  • The sword's name translates to "The Flower of Evil" in English. In French, "fleur" can also be used to refer to something that causes attraction or seduction.
  • Les Fleurs du mal is the name of French poet Charles Baudelaire's most famous work.

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