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Quote1.png Don't worry, Walter. Newton assured me these Flight Belts were safe. Quote2.png
Adam Destine[src]

Created by Newton Destine, the Flight Belt allow flight to those who cannot fly under their own power.[1]


In an attempt to convince Walter to join the family in fighting crime, Adam Destine and Dominic took him out on patrol in London using the Flight Belts developed by Newton. Although the trio shared stories and bonded, they didn't find any crimes. Meanwhile, the police unable the evening crime wave because they were too busy fielding calls about strange creatures hovering over the city.[1]

While chaperoning Crimson Crusader and Imp on patrol, Adam used the Flight Belt to accompany them into the city. However, while en route, Albert magically summoned Adam to the Seventh Moon Monastery in Nepal causing the Flight Belt and Crimson Crusader's powers to malfunction.[2]


  • Because Walter's monstrous form was too large to fit the Flight Belt around his waist, he was forced to wear the belt on his forearm causing him to fly lopsided.[1]

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