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Sandman was a member of the Sinister Six when a Zombie Spider-Man teleported into their reality. The Kingpin sent the Six to fight "Spider-Man". The other five members were violently killed by the zombie Spider-Man and Sandman fled, later encountering and killing his own reality's Spider-Man out of fear by pouring himself into his mouth until his stomach burst. He then left the scene, declaring that there were no rules to follow anymore.[2]

Using Sandman's body, the Zombie Spider-Man created the perfect weapon for defeating the zombie virus. He infused Marko with Tony Stark's nanobots that consumed diseased and damaged flesh and multiplied on their own. He was able to destroy all of the remaining zombies of Earth-91126, with the exception of The Sentry, who was sent to the past of Earth-2149 by Uatu.[3]


Seemingly those of the William Baker of Earth-616.

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