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Quote1.png I have a daughter, and I wanna see her. But he's not gonna send anyone home 'till he's finished his little science project back there. Quote2.png


The Sandman shared an identical history to his counterpart from Earth-96283. He was pulled from his timeline and transported through the Multiverse to Earth-199999 due to a botched magic spell cast by that reality's Doctor Strange that was intended to make everybody forget that his world's Peter Parker was Spider-Man. The spell almost caused the infinity of people in the Multiverse that knew Spider-Man's identity to be pulled into the universe, but Strange managed to contain it. Only a handful people from other realities made it to Earth-199999, with Marko being one of them.

When Spider-Man was confronting Electro, one of the Multiversal visitors, in a forest in New York, Marko protected Peter, initially mistaking him from the Spider-Man he knew. Although confused when Spider-Man explained he wasn't the Peter Parker he knew, the Sandman helped him, surrounding Electro with a sandstorm while Peter destroyed the utility poles that were feeding him energy. Both the Sandman and Electro were subsequently teleported by Spider-Man to Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, where he was rounding up all the Multiversal visitors, namely the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus from variants of Marko's world set further back in time, and the Lizard from a variant of Electro's world.

Sandman in the apartment

Strange intended to use the Macchina di Kadavus to send the villains back to their original timelines, but Spider-Man intervened after he realized some of the villains would be put back in a path leading to their death. Against Strange's wishes, Peter incapaciated him and left the Sanctum Sanctorum with the villains, intending to cure them of their plights so they might have a second chance once returned to their timelines. Setting up in the apartment of his friend Happy Hogan, Peter used a device called the Fabricator to create cures for the villains. Sandman only agreed to come along hoping to be returned home to his daughter as soon as Peter finished his plan. Only Doctor Octopus was cured and freed from villainy when Norman Osborn was taken over by his Green Goblin persona and coaxed the other villains to reject Peter's cures. Chaos broke out, and Sandman left after briefly creating a sandstorm around the building.

Peter would then join forces with the Spider-Man of Earth-96283 and the Spider-Man of Earth-120703, who had also been brought into his world by Strange's botched spell. After developing new cures for the villains, they lured them to the Statue of Liberty, using the Macchina di Kadavus as a bait. Sandman, Electro, the Lizard arrived first and confronted the three Spider-Men. Sandman used the sand at the scene to create a giant sandstorm that enveloped the Statue of Liberty. Sandman confronted Earth-96283's Spider-Man and attempted to bury him with sand, but the hero received a device from one of his counterparts which once triggered depowered Marko. Following the arrival of Doctor Strange to the battle and the destruction of the Macchina di Kadavus at the hands of the Green Goblin, the fabric of reality began to tear apart. Spider-Man asked Strange to cast a new spell to make the entire world forget Peter Parker's existence, which negated the initial spell and undid its effects. Marko and all the other visitors from the Multiverse returned to their homes as a result.[1]





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