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Quote1.png I'm gonna be your bestest friend for the rest of your whole entire life... if that's okay with you... and if not, well, fine! I'll kill ya! Okay? Okay! Quote2.png


Flipside was an android created during the Heroic Age to adopt the powers of the first recorded superhero it encountered. He was kept by "Packrat" and his band of thieves, apparently broken. In reality, the android remained locked in scanning mode, still trying to adopt one of the many superhero profiles it had on record, so many years after its creation.

When the thieves found Spider-Man during Nightshade looting, they brought him to repair the dormant machine. Having been isolated for decades, the first hero Flipside met was a Spider-Man of the 22nd Century. Although he scanned him, Flipside was unable to identify the new hero. To adapt, he combined templates for Spider-Man and Venom to mimic him.

The mix of these patterns resulted in a psychotic Spider-Man-like being who wanted to be a "friend" to Miguel, and started killing the looters when he was rejected. O'Hara believed he had destroyed it, but Flipside merely restored himself and massacred Packrat's men.



Seemingly those of Spider-Man 2099, as a combination of both Spider-Man and Venom.

Possibly retains the reactive Power Mimicry of the Super-Adaptoid.


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