The Floating City has its origins many thousands of years ago. They were sailors pre-dating the voyages of Christopher Columbus who voyaged into the Atlantic Ocean. Getting lost at sea and deciding to live there, the sailors expanded their ships into a massive floating island over the passing centuries. They became a reclusive and peaceful society, using their advancements in boating technology to avoid discovery.

This all changed following the outbreak of World War II. The floating island was discovered by the Nazis in early 1944 and within six months of their arrival had completely taken over the island and subdued its people. The Nazis then used the Floating City as a means of shooting American bombers en route to England out of the sky.

One of the citizens Lyander began forming a rebellion to overthrow their Nazi oppressors. One day, in the summer of 1944 a bomber carrying Captain America and Bucky was shot down by the Nazis, and the two heroes joined forces with Lyander and his rebels and fought off the Nazi invaders. Cap and Bucky then left, promising to keep the existence of their city a secret.[1]

Given the advancements in technology since the war, the continued secrecy of the Floating City would surely have been compromised, however it has not been seen since and the fate of the Floating City and its people remain a mystery.



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