Floyd Baker went sent to prison at an unknown time while his son, William Baker was a child. Eventually, William ended up in the same prison at his father but his father didn't recognize him and William introduced himself as Flint Marko, the pair bonded while they resided in prison and William was released and reincarcerated a few times until his father was eventually released. After this, William became the Sandman and after Floyd was again arrested Sandman used his powers to free him but was attempted to be stopped by Spider-Man. In the ensuing fight Sand-Man believed he had killed his father, however he was saved by Spider-Man but Sandman escaped before he could learn the truth.[1]

Floyd was later framed for the death of an alternate version of Uncle Ben by an alternate version of Chameleon and was to be executed until Sandman and Spider-Man teamed up. During this Floyd learned the truth about Flint being his son, but did not address it with Sandman himself.[1]

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