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The Flying Water Vases of Zenn-La are beautiful and unique floating urn of water.[1]


As a housewarming gift, the Silver Surfer gave Vision and his family a Flying Water Vase of Zenn-La when they moved to 616 Hickory Branch Lane in the Cherrydale neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia.[1]

After murdering Victor Mancha, Virginia called the local police to make a full confession before drinking the water of the Flying Vase. The corrosive effects of the water resulted in Virginia's death.[2]

Vision still has the Flying Water Vase of Zenn-La at his home.[3]


* Antigravity: The Flying Water Vase of Zenn-La is able to float in the mid-air.[1]

  • Corrosivity: The water of the Flying Vase is highly corrosive.[2]

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