Quote1 She got me arrested but I found her. I tried running her over and she took a damn selfie, that's how. Quote2
-- Flynt Ward src

Flynt Ward was a rich florist from Los Angeles. When a minor florist from the city refused to let him take some orchids he had saved for some friends, Ward stole the orchids and set the florist's shop on fire. Kate Bishop offered to help recover the orchids, first trying to convince Ward into selling the orchids to her. Once Ward refused, Kate tried to break into Ward's mansion and steal them. She was discovered and kicked out.

Ward was secretly followed by Kate as she discovered he sold weed, and tried to gather pictures as evidence to make the police arrest him. Ward discovered her and ran over her with his car. Kate took a photo of him escaping. Shortly after Kate arrived to a police station to present the evidence. Flynt Ward was being taken to custody for gun possession. The crime for running over Kate was added to his charges. With his phone call, Flynt contacted Madame Masque, telling her he had found Kate Bishop.[1]

Flynt was freed by Madame Masque, and helped her prevent Harold H. Harold from leaving Los Angeles by plane. Katie beat up Flynt and took his phone after his bellyboys took Harold. Harold was later killed, and Katie found in Flynt's phone he and other criminals had a plan to kill Clint Barton.[2]

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