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Fogwell's Gym is a boxing gym located on the Lower West Side of Manhattan. Fighters who trained at the gym include Battlin' Jack Murdock.[2]


Daredevil came here looking for the Fixer, to avenge his father's death; he defeated Porky, Sam and other bruisers, until Fixer and Slade ran away in the streets.[2]

Many years later, Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich came to Fogwell's Gym to investigate Battlin' Jack Murdock's death.[3]

Daredevil later returned to the gym after being stabbed by Turk Barrett, where he collapsed and was found there by Maggie.[4] After he recovered, Matt trained at the abandoned gym.[5]

Some time later, Daredevil came back to the gym and saved Don from Bullseye.[6]


  • Alexander Bont claimed to have owned the building, though he also wrongly stated that this was the location where Jack Murdock was killed.[7]

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