The Fomalhuati recently conquered the Banari, turning them into a servitor race. A mutant Fomalhuati (Xlymm) allied with Skeletron and took his personal Banari to Earth, in an attempt to flood the planet via his Earth-Mover monoliths therefore creating a new homeworld for the Fomalhuati.[1]

Powers and Abilities


The Fomalhauti communicate telepathically and manipulate objects by forming tentacles. Though they resemble giant amoeba, they are multi-celled organisms with highly developed brains and optic nerves. They move with ease in Earth's gravity.[2]


Mutants were much larger (up to x6 the size & mass), and one of the mutants Sporr could extend his tentacles throughout a huge starship.[3]


Habitat: Water covers 86% of the surface, high humidity and temperature
Gravity: 350% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 68% hydrogen, 31% oxygen
Population: 7.8 billion


Type of Government: Democracy[2]
Level of Technology: Advanced; the Fomalhauti have developed intermediate-level capability for interstellar travel,[2] techno-organic technology,[1] mind-control Skullhuggers,[1] Earth-Movers (two can shift a world's axis),[1]
Cultural Traits: Highly benevolent, even to vastly different alien cultures.[2]

List of known Fomalhauti


  • While normal Fomalhauti are small and whitish in color, each member of the now extinct mutant race was pinkish and reached nearly six times the normal Fomalhauti size and mass.[2]
  • By their look (tentacled giant amoebas) and their name, seemingly a reference to Fomalhaut, a star involved in the Cthulhu Mythos, the Fomalhauti are possibly a reference to the Mythos.


  • The expression "Don't give a flying Fomalhauti about.." is used by Genis-Vell.[4]

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