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When her mother was a part of the last pilgrimage to Earth from the immortal city of K'un-Lun during the fifteenth or sixteenth century, she bedded an unknown western man and conceived a child prior to her return.[2]

Iron Fist

When the Phoenix headed toward Earth, Yu-Ti started having strange dreams that a young girl with green eyes and red hair could control it. After Yu-Ti found this very girl in K'un-Lun, he took Fongji to the temple and started her training, declaring her the new Iron Fist.[2] When Fongji manifested the firebird aura of the Phoenix Force in a fit of rage, Yu-Ti let her go through the ritual of Shou-Lao the Undying, emerging after two days with its power. Speaking for the first time, Fongji thanked him for training her.[3]

As the Phoenix Force approached Earth, Fongji was told that Yu-Ti had seen two prophecies - one where she mastered the Phoenix's power and became a being of purity, and one where she succumbed to its destructive urges and became a being of destruction. Despite her fear of the latter prophecy, Fongji unleashed the spirit of Shou-Lao to battle the cosmic firebird and became the Phoenix's new host. Granted cosmic awareness, she departed into space and was never seen again.[4]



Seemingly those of Iron Fist of Earth-616 as well as those of a Phoenix Force avatar.


  • Fongji means bird of fire.[2]
  • Fongji bears a strong resemblance to Hope Summers, and both were Phoenix Hosts of their time.

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