Doctor Doom specifically developed this prison to hold the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four.[1] It included a podium that generated glowing rods of force[2][1] connected to a ceiling piece[2] to imprison the victim in a spherical shape.[2][1] These cylinders were attuned to the[2][1] mental energy[1] frequencies of the force fields generated by the Invisible Woman: Should she try to escape using her powers, the machine generated a feedback causing severe damage,[2][1] and the bars were kept in place. The bars could be broken using physical strength beyond the possibilities of the Invisible Woman.[1] This device had a separated control panel to activate and deactivate the bars.[2][1]

Doctor Doom had one of these devices in the basement of the Latverian Embassy of New York City,[2][1] and attached its control panel to the ones of three other unique cages for the other members of the Fantastic Four - the Aquarium Cage, the Molecular Cage and the Plasteel Sphere. Once, Doom imprisoned the Invisible Woman in this item and her colleagues of the Fantastic Four in the others. Doom intended to make them witness his triumph by restoring his original body and summoning the Beyonder. Mister Fantastic talked his way out of this situation, being released himself while Doom was teleported away. Having this chance, Fantastic released the Invisible Woman and his other partners.[2]


The book Machines of Doom suggests that Doctor Doom was likely to have a unit of this device at his castle in Latveria.

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