This device belonged to Layla Miller. She wore it on her right hand, using it to create protective force fields.[1] Once the force field had been created, it was impenetrable to close range projectiles like bullets[1] and extreme temperatures like those of magma.[2] In fact, once the force field was erected, it appears that the gauntlet itself and Bloodbath's swords were the only items capable of penetrating it.[2][3] It also appeared to be able to cause unconsciousness with touch.[4] With the proper incantation, the glove could also aid in casting certain spells like an exorcism.[5]

Layla first appeared with it while returning from her time in Latveria with Doctor Doom and Shatterstar.[1]

It was eventually destroyed by a government agent, using a gun from unknown design, when he came with Lawrenceville cops to arrest her and Madrox.[6]

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