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Quote1.png Layla Miller's Glove. She used it to create a personal force field. We've got it wired to the entirety of the building. Quote2.png
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Layla Miller's force-field generating glove.[3]


Using her knowledge of the future, Layla Miller bargained with Doctor Doom to create device capable of meeting her future needs and training her in the mystic arts.[4][5]

Revealing her glove and deflecting bullets

After returning from Latveria, Layla Miller began wearing this mysterious device on her right hand and using it to create protective force fields when needed. When M.R.D. officers attempted to apprehend Banshee in the Dublin airport, Shatterstar and Layla arrived to rescue her. Layla used her force-field glove to deflect bullets fired by M.R.D. officers.[3] Once the trio reunited with the rest of X-Factor, Layla used her force-field glove to destroy an attacking Dread-X.[6]

When Monet confronted Layla about her mysterious return, Layla seemingly used her glove to cause Monet to fall unconsciousness but otherwise unharmed.[7]

When X-Factor went to Las Vegas to confront Hela, Layla used her force-field glove to protect civilians from molten lava when the armies of Niffleheim attacked.[8] Later, Layla used her force-field glove to keep the entrance to Niffleheim from collapsing until her teammates could escape.[9]

While investigating a case with Multiple Man, Layla used her device to aid her in performing an exorcism to free Adina Malcolm from a vandella.[5]

Layla Miller (Earth-616) and James Madrox (Earth-616) with Force Field Glove from X-Factor Vol 1 224.1 001.jpg

When X-Factor travelled to Lawrenceville, Kansas for an investigation, Jamie and Layla visited the old Madrox Family Farm and were shot at by Terry Roland. Fortunately, Layla used her force-field glove to protect her and Madrox.[10] Not long after this encounter, Sally Roland (Terry's mother) was found dead. While investigating the corpse in the morgue, Bloodbath possessed Sally's body to penetrate Layla's force field and deliver an ominous message.[11] When the whole team encountered Bloodbath again, he was still able to easily penetrate Layla's force field.[12] When Bloodbath possessed Jamie's corpse, Layla used her device to perform an exorcism.[13]

With tensions still high after learning the truth about Strong Guy's resurrection, when Monet saw that Madcox had been resurrected, she assumed the worst, attacked Layla, and flew her to the top of the Empire State Building. Layla purposely chose not to use her force-field glove during the attack because she needed to speak with Monet and gain her trust.[14]

When Angelique Sasson tried to commit suicide, Layla used her force-field glove to rescued her by jumping off the building after her and using the force field to cushion their fall.[15]

Using the force field offensively

Although her force field was generally used defensively, Layla used it offensively to escape from a cab when she and Jamie were captured returning home from their honeymoon.[16] After escaping, Layla used her force field again to protect the pair from arrows and rocks.[17]

When Darwin arrived at X-Factor Investigations Headquarters trying to killed Tier, Jamie had Layla used her force field to hold back Wolfsbane while he talked Darwin out of murdering Tier.[18] Shortly after this encounter, Layla used her force field to protect the team from the Hell Lords, but Pluto was able to destroyed the force field with a snap of his fingers and injury Layla in the process.[19] During the Hell on Earth War, Layla used her force field to protect an injured Monet from demons,[20] to deflect Jezebel's flames,[21] and to contain Demon Madrox.[22]

During a confrontation with authorities at the Madrox Family Farm, the force-field glove was badly damaged by a device of unknown origin (though Layla theorized it may have been designed by Reed Richards or S.H.I.E.L.D.).[23]

Harry Snow and Polaris activating the force-field glove at Serval Industries

Next, Harry Snow picked up the device when he bought the rights to the name "X-Factor".[24][1] Snow used Serval Industries make some adjustments to the device and wired it to create a force field large enough to encompass the entire Serval Industries' Head Office. He first used the force-field glove to protect against an attack by Memento Mori and his forces.[1] The force-field glove was next used to protect Serval Industries from the influence of Red Skull and to protect the Nuclear Football from an attack by Sentinels. The shields were only lowered when the Sentinels threaten to murder Angela Snow.[25]


* Force Field: This device can generate a mystical, spherical, defensive force field around the user and other.[3] In addition to protecting from outside attacks, the force field appears to cushion those inside it from damage due to events like falling.[12][15] The shield was later modified by Harry Snow and Serval Industries to protect their entire head office building.[1]

    • Impenetrability: The force field is near completely impenetrable and able to withstand bullets,[3] arrows,[17] metallic buzzsaws,[6] molten lava,[8] fire,[21] and energy blasts.[23] Very few things can actually penetrate the force field once it's been erected. The glove itself can penetrate the force field and usher others through it.[9] Both Bloodbath and his zombies can also penetrate it.[11][12] Extremely ethereal beings can also penetrate it.[26] Although he could not penetrate it, Pluto was able to completely shatter the force field with a snap.[19]
    • Heat Resistance: The force field is capable of withstanding extreme heat.[8][21]
    • Psychic Deflection: the force field also appears to prevent telepathic attacks or influences.[27]
  • Unconsciousness: It appears that the glove may be capable of causing unconsciousness with contact in certain subject.[7]

Performing an exorcism

  • Exorcisms: With the proper incantation, the glove could also aid in casting certain spells like an exorcism.[5][13]

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