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Force Warriors
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An elite team of mutants tasked with erecting the force walls around Fortress X everyday, after having learned from the Invisible Woman
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The Force Warriors were an elite team of telekinetic mutants that were tasked with erecting the force walls around Fortress X every day. Because of their value, the Force Warriors were reserved from going into battle and were highly revered and adored by the other mutants inside of Fortress X.

The Force Warriors learned this technique from observing the Invisible Woman's last action, creating a powerful force wall to prevent Fortress X from being blown up by the bomb carried by the Hulk.

On Moira's counsel, they briefly took control of Fortress X, believing Magneto had betrayed them. They faced down Moonstar's Cadre, Kitty Pryde and Magneto.

The Force Warriors were made to stand down however, by the appearance of Charles Xavier who explained that their world was nothing but a poorly constructed sham made by Moira, a rogue personality of Legion's. When Moira attempted to punish them by creating a massive human army to attack the Fortress, the Force Warriors helped defend it, as Legion re-absorbed Moira and restored the world to its original state.

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