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U.S. Agent

Appearing in "Traitor's Gate"

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  • D.A.E.M.O.N.s (Construct)

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Synopsis for "Traitor's Gate"

Moonraker and Spider-Woman train in the Works' Vroom Room (Force Works's version of the Danger Room). Their opponents are holograms of D.A.E.M.O.N.s. They are based on real foes the team and Moonraker faced in Nantucket many months ago. It was this mission that brought Moonraker into the team. He and Spider-Woman have been a couple for six months.

Moonraker criticizes his lover for not being careful enough. They kiss and leave the room. Moonraker congratulates Fisher Todd on the quality of the Nantucket program. He and Julia then go to their shared quarters. They share toast and orange juice, but a time disruption returns the juice to the fridge. Moonraker simply takes it out of the fridge again. Spider-Woman breaks some eggs and another time disruption makes them whole again. She breaks them again.

Spider-Woman expresses her happiness that the Scarlet Witch and the U.S. Agent are returning from New York. Moonraker later welcomes the two home. Moonraker annoys the Agent with a joke. Spider-Woman cuts some roses and places them into a vase. A third time disruption returns the roses to their uncut condition.

All is not well, as Rachel Carpenter fails to recognize Moonraker, and has no recollection of his relationship with her mother. Scarlet Witch has to explain who Moonraker is.

Meanwhile, Suzi Endo returns a call from Tony Stark. He has offered her a job and she accepts. Suzi informs him that she will take the next flight to Los Angeles.

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