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Synopsis for "Welcome to Nowhere"

Force Works (Moonraker, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Woman) and their pilot Fisher Todd land in Vietnam. They attract the attention of Apocryphus. The team locates the Temple of Agaphaur, a holy place of the Priests of Pama. There Moonraker recalls his past life as Gustav Brandt. Apocryphus and his soldiers attack them. They have the upper hand until Moonraker sees them about to hurt his lover Spider-Woman. He attacks Apocryphus and knocks him out. Apocryphus' soldiers run away, leaving Force Works victorious. Meanwhile, Fisher has an encounter with the mutated Kim.

At the Works, Rachel Carpenter speaks to Cybermancer and Amanda Chaney. She reveals that, unlike them, she remembers the existence of Vietnam. She is shocked that all evidence of its existence are now gone. Amanda later wonders about Moonraker's past with the team and wants to investigate. She uses P.L.A.T.O. to search for anything unusual in the building and she discovers a sub-basement filled with high-level temporal radiation. She heads down there and is greeted by V.I.R.G.I.L., the sub-basement's counterpart to P.L.A.T.O.

At the Mesa Viento Airstrip, Black Widow arrives and meets Hawkeye, U.S. Agent, and Rhodey. They talk about Stark tampering with the evidence to frame Hawkeye for murder. Somewhere else, Iron Man asks his unseen masters to deploy a sanction team to take out Black Widow and her allies, before they have a chance to uncover evidence for his crimes.


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