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Force of Nature
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Oregon; formerly mobile
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formerly Sunstreak[1]
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Super-powered team of Project Earth, 50-States Initiative
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Force of Nature were the super human operatives employed by the Project Earth organization. The team is sent to stop some land developers from destroying a large area of the Amazon Rainforest.

The team consisted of Aqueduct, Firewall, Skybreaker, and Terraformer. They first came into contact with the New Warriors when members of Project Earth faked there disappearance as a publicity stunt.

Maddie Baldwin, (Speedball's mother) was a member of Project Earth and when she went missing Speedball convinced the New Warriors to investigate. The team headed to the Amazon Rainforest to help Speedball find her. They were attacked and captured by the Force of Nature team.

Speedball offers to help the Force of Nature team, until it became clear that they wished to do harm to the land developers. The Force was defeated and Project: Earth abandons them after an attempt to martyr Maddie Baldwin and blame the developers but Speedball and the warriors stop them.

Project Earth helps the Force of Nature team leave prison and return to there initial jobs but Firewall leaves to join the Folding Circle.

The new fire element recruit is Firebrand. Force of Nature is then sent to deal with oil fires in the war torn nation of Trans-Sabal. Force of Nature joins the Trans-Sabal's ongoing conflict.

Project: Earth recruits the New Warriors to pull the team out before their actions further damage their reputation. The Warriors enter the country but get wrapped in the conflict and the Force of Nature team is arrested an detained in the Vault

Aqueduct, Skybreaker, and Terraformer are involved in a protest riot in the Vault due to the conditions in which they are kept. The authorities have no way to meet their demands due to the high level security to detain the superhuman inmates.

Marvel Boy who was in jail for a short sentence for killing his father helps stop a prison riot at the Vault Terraformer and the others were involved in. Marvel Boy was able to stop the riot by getting Terraformer to calm down by letting him have contact with the plants in the warden's office. The warden agrees to grant privileges to certain inmates on a case by case basis, according to each prisoner.

The Force of Nature returned to the criminal ways. Aqueduct joined the seventh incarnation of the Masters of Evil and later was recruited for government service by the Thunderbolts, to be part of the 50-State Initiative.[2]

Silk Fever also appeared as Thunderbolt as her Folding Circle team mates teammates.

Force of Nature

  • Aqueduct - (Peter van Zante), worked as the criminal Water Wizard, renamed Aqueduct when he was recuited by Project Earth to join the Force of Nature team.
  • Skybreaker - (Aireo),is a member of the Inhumans but was an outcast criminal. The Terrigen Mist provided him with wind-manipulating abilities.
  • Terraformer - A plant-based "Stimuloid" duplicate of Plantman. Terraformer initially resembled his creator but after server damage he to a more plant like form. Terraformer has the ability to control plants, making them grow fast and move on their own.
  • Sunstreak - (Andrea Roarke), was a fire weilding criminal and was given the choice of going to prison or joining ther Fifty States Initiative to be trained at Camp Hammond. She was placed with the Oregon Initiative the Force of Nature after her training.

Former Members:

  • Omar Barrenos - The head of Project Earth and the creator of the original team.
  • Firewall - (Min Li Ng), was also a member of the Folding Circle.
  • Firebrand - (Russell Broxtel), was brought in the replace Firewall. He was the only recruit to depend on technology for his powers.

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