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Little is known about the past of the assassin and mercenary who calls himself the Foreigner. It is established, however, that he was formerly married to the international mercenary Silver Sable. After their divorce, the two continued a semi-serious game of trying to assassinate each other using various means.[5]

Foreigner first clashed with the hero Spider-Man when he made a wager with his fellow mercenary Chance that Chance couldn't defeat Spider-Man. Foreigner won the bet.[6] Later, Foreigner became romantically involved with Spider-Man's ex-lover Black Cat when he was hired to retrieve a gold notebook from her that she had stolen from the office of the crimelord Kingpin. Foreigner claimed he wanted to form an alliance with her to take down Spider-Man, but in reality he wanted to recruit Spider-Man for his organization of assassins, the 1400 Club. He was not successful in this goal, and parted company with the Black Cat.[7]

When Silver Sable allied herself with Spider-Man to stop a ploy by Doctor Octopus to weaponize global warming, she almost died in the villain's crashing ship. Heeding the signal of a secret distress tracker he had planted in Sable, the Foreigner saved her life. In order to save her from her terminal injuries, the Foreigner contacted the Chameleon to acquire the Infinity Formula. Their deal was interrupted by Spider-Man and Teresa Parker, but they allowed them the formula upon learning of Sable's condition.[8]

After Sable recovered some measure, the Foreigner visited The Palace, an airborne casino run by Chance. After being swindled by Chance out of winning a bet on the outcome of a fight involving Spider-Man by deploying drones to interfere,[9] the Foreigner tricked and pressured him into begrudgingly betting to have him cover the night's debts if he managed to steal one of Spider-Man's web-shooters.[10] Chance attempted to fail on purpose, but he succeeded due to the Jack O'Lanterns assisting him on the Foreigner's behalf. Since the Foreigner couldn't cover the debts because of the money Chance had won off him, Chance reluctantly agreed to form a partnership with him for running the casino.[11]

One of the The Palace's patrons was Jamie Tolentino, an Empire State University student who attempted to use a future-predicting device called the Clairvoyant to win bets but ranked up a debt as the device ran out of battery. When Chance pressured Jamie to pay up, he agreed to help Chance and the Foreigner steal another artifact named the Catalyst from Empire State University to use it as a power source so they could use the Clairvoyant for themselves.[12] After succeeding despite Spider-Man's intervention,[13] both devices were taken to The Palace. However, the Jack O'Lanterns and many of the casino's patrons revealed themselves as sleeper agents of the Finisher and began thrashing the ship.[14] Spider-Man and Jamie managed to prevent it from plummeting into Manhattan, but it still crash-landed.[15]



Foreigner has the ability to induce a 10-second hypnotic trance in someone by making eye contact with them. By using this ability he can make an opponent believe he can move at super-fast speeds, or by running from the scene while they are entranced, he can fool them into thinking he can teleport himself away.

Foreigner is adept in multiple martial arts, making a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. He is also highly skilled in the use of firearms and explosives.

Foreigner is also a master of disguise, having posed as various individuals, and is skilled at undercover work and intelligence gathering. He has even disguised himself as Ronald Reagan.[4]



Various firearms and melee weapons.


  • The Foreigner is said to speak with a British accent, though whether he is actually British or this is just an affectation is unknown.


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