May Parker was operated on and recuperated in the Forest Hills Hospital[1].
Before coming back home, she received a blood transfusion from her nephew Peter Parker[2].

As requested by Dr. Bromwell, Aunt May was hospitalized again for her worsening health conditions[3].
Peter Parker then learnt Aunt May was dying because of radioactive material in her blood, received from him during the previous blood transfusion[4].
After Spider-Man successfully delivered the ISO-36 serum to the hospital, Aunt May was eventually cured[5].
She was finally discharged from the hospital and went home with Anna Watson.[6]

A short time later, Peter came to the Forest Hills Hospital to be visited for a cold by Dr. Bromwell. During the visit the doctor told Pete that Aunt May must not have any sudden shock or excitement to her or it could be fatal[7].

Many years later, May Parker was treated here when she fell in coma[8].
Mary Jane visited her to announce her departure and later Spider-Man brought here Shriek, who was dying after bringing Carrion back to normal[9].
While Phillip Cussler, Sr. was being treated here after being hit by Spider-Man, Peter Parker met Ben Reilly for the first time on the hospital rooftop[10].
After a brief confrontation, Ben Reilly knocked Parker down and escaped[11].
During a visit to Aunt May, Reilly was contacted by Chakra, who told him Spider-Man had been kidnapped by Judas Traveller in the Ravencroft Institute[12].
Moved by his sense of responsibility and his love for Aunt May, Reilly then decided to go rescue Peter Parker[13].
May Parker was later visited by her longtime friend Anna Watson, too[14]. Back in New York City, Mary Jane visited Aunt May before returning home to Peter[15].
Believing it could help her, Peter and MJ talked to Aunt May about their baby and told her to come back from the coma[16].
While Anna and Mary Jane Watson were visiting her, Aunt May opened his eyes for a moment, unnoticed[17].
While she was still in coma, Dr. Julia Caputo told Mary Jane she wanted to speak with Peter[18].
Aunt May finally came out the coma, but at first she was still dazed and confused[19].
As soon as Aunt May awoke, his nephew rushed to see her, noticing that the Scarlet Spider was lurking outside the hospital window[20].



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