As Conan was looking for Bahkt, he fell under the spell of the Forest of the Eternal Verities, where he found himself confronted by both ghostly images of he and Red Sonja from days ago, plotting to leave Koth. Conan made his way to a river and found it red with blood. Rising from the crimson depths of the river’s waters was a ghostly image of the Devourer of Souls, and in the demon’s arms was Solaise with her cat. As Conan pondered what the river was trying to tell him, Bahkt attacked him, and Conan put an end to it.[1]

As Conan came back with Kaleb to the Forest of the Eternal Verities, they were plagued with visions: first of the boy Sedrick facing justice at the hands of Brule the Spear Slayer, only to be spared by King Kull, and later the truth about Kaleb and Solaise and the Child of the Elder Gods. The Devourer of Souls then appeared holding the child and the cat in his arms, proffering Kaleb, transformed into an old man, a knife to kill Conan. As the Aesir stood indecisive, and Conan was then joined by his band, the forest erupted in flames and Wrarrl, mounted on his winged steed, Solaise and Sedrick in the crook of his arm, flew off into the night sky, flaming sword held aloft.[2]

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