In 1978, Forge was a student at Bayville High School. During a science fair experiment he was sent to another universe that he called Middleverse, apparently a ghostly place that is tied to his real world. He was trapped there until Nightcrawler was accidentally trapped in there as well. Combining their efforts, Nightcrawler and Forge eventually escaped that realm. He was offered to join the school, but Forge wanted to see his parents.[1]

Shadow Dance

One night, Forge awoke with a sudden inspiration as to what could conceivably be the source of Nightcrawler's teleportation abilities. Forge theorized that when Nightcrawler teleports, he actually goes through a sub-reality, whose atmosphere is full of sulphur, and began developing hardware that would delay Kurt's re-entry into the normal reality. During a delayed trip through the Brimstone Dimension, it was discovered that vicious reptilian creatures existed in this reality. Unfortunately, the equipment Nightcrawler was wearing to delay his re-entry into his own reality it left his teleportation "doors" open, allowing these creatures to come into reality and attack the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, as well as the Danger Room.[2]

Forge was able to alter his Middleverse device in order to send the creatures back to their own reality and seal the portals.[2]

At that moment, Forge seemed quite comfortable acting as something of a technical advisor for the group, and not actually being an X-Man himself.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Enhanced Mechanical Intelligence: Forge is able to create machines that are way out of the scope of modern science. Examples of his intelligence include a device that sends anything shot with into the Middleverse and a device that altered Nightcrawler's teleportation frequency.



  • Trans-Dimensional Projector: For his school science fair, Forge created a device that send send people into the Middleverse.
  • Teleportation Frequency Adjuster: Forge created a device that temporarily allowed Nightcrawler to teleport back to his home dimension so that he could briefly talk to his friends on how to get out. He later altered it to slow down Nightcrawler's teleportation through the Brimstone Dimension so that he and the professors could see where Kurt went to when he teleported.
  • Robotic Arm: Forge's arm is capable of transforming into a mechanical multi-tool arm which transforms to suit whatever he needs and can even change back into a normal arm.


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