The past history of Forge on Earth-1815 is likely similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the passage of Operation: Zero Tolerance. In this reality, O:ZT saw the incarceration or elimination of super-humans. Without the support of intelligent minds like Reed Richards or Tony Stark, the government of Earth-1815 would seek the aid of Forge and his mutant techno-smith skills to build the various devices to capture, detain and/or eliminate super-human individuals. His work would grant him amnesty although the oppressed super-human community would consider him a traitor.

When the reality hopping Exiles would accidentally free the deranged Charles Xavier, thinking him to be this realities greatest leader, the Exiles would seek out Forge to help contain him. Forge would be strong armed into doing so, and would build a portable weapon that would nullify Xavier's powers. While being interrogated by the Exiles, Forge would tell them that the "great leader" they were seeking was likely Magneto, who led a rebellion against Operation: Zero Tolerance before he was captured and imprisoned.[citation needed]

Forge's fate following the release of many of the worlds super-humans and given his reputation is unknown.


Much like his Earth-616 counterpart, Forge is a mutant gifted with a intuition of machines and as such is a great inventor. In this reality he plied this skill to create weapons, defense systems, and restraining devices to depower, and capture super-humans.


Forge is missing his left hand and left leg. These missing limbs have been replaced with cybernetic appendages. Without them, Forge would be disabled.


Forge utilizes a cybernetic hand and leg to make up with his lost limbs. They function as the missing limbs would. Although not depicted, they also likely have super-human enhancements.

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