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Forge's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's.

Forge was a member of the X-Men.[1] When New York City was invaded by intelligent zombies called the Respawned, Forge hid in a safe area with several heroes and villains. Then Spider-Man arrived with Franklin and Valeria Richards. Spider-Man asked for help in helping Franklin after being bitten by his zombified mother. Franklin was saved by first having Warlock create a new techno-organic body for Franklin, and Strange then transferred Franklin's consciousness into the new body.[2]

Years later, humankind had nearly been wiped out by the Respawned. Forge joined Spider-Man, Franklin, Valeria, Moonstone, Chewie, and a reprogrammed Sentinel named Nana in trying to survive the zombie-infested areas. After the group fended off a group of zombies, Spider-Man discovered that Forge planned to travel to the abandoned Xavier Mansion for supplies. Spider-Man was against it at first, believing it to be too dangerous, but Forge told him that he was going to the mansion with or without them. So, Spider-Man reluctantly agreed to go with him. The group freed some prisoners in the mansion and were then confronted by the zombified Beast. Forge tried to reason his fellow X-Man, but Beast was too far gone and killed Forge. Spider-Man avenged Forge by decapitating Beast with piano wire.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Forge of Earth-616.



Bio-weapons that utilized the powers of deceased superhumans through their body parts

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