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Forge's history is presumably similar to his Earth-807128 counterpart. Unlike his counterpart, he avoided dying at the hands of Wolverine.

Forge (Earth-21923) vs. Aleksei Sytsevich (Earth-21923) from Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 18 001.jpg

Years after the villains had taken over the United States and founded Amerika, Forge was living on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in South Dakota. When the Rhino Gang targeted Forge's reservation, they were met with unexpected resistance, courtesy of Forge's hidden high-tech defenses, which annihilated the gang. Rhino himself was then beaten to death by Forge, mounted in a exo-skeleton.

When Logan found himself stranded in the Prime Marvel Universe, an alternate world set in the past where the villain uprising never happened, that world's Forge asked him about his counterpart's fate. Logan complied and told him the story about this Cheyenne mad scientist shaman who defeated the Rhino, and that even though he never had any confirmation it was Forge, Logan knew it was him.[1]

The Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation later came under attack by Weapon X, when Sabretooth led a group of clones in pursuit of Logan, Dani Cage, and Hulk Jr., after the trio took shelter among Forge's people. Forge and his wife, Elinore, held them off for as long as possible, in an attempt to buy Logan and company time to escape; however, they were eventually overrun.[2]

Another refugee, Speedball, had been living on the reservation in a containment cell built for him by Forge due to his powers having overloaded, essentially making him a ticking timebomb.[3] As the base engaged emergency evacuation procedures, Speedball was released, and upon seeing Forge and Elinore's imminent deaths, detonated himself, seemingly destroying the compound and killing everything in the vicinity.[2]

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Seemingly those of the Forge of Earth-616.

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