The past history of Forge of Earth-21993 mostly mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality Charles Xavier would be assassinated by Cable leading to widespread human/mutant violence.

Forge would be among the various X-Men gathered by Xavier who was unimpressed with their efforts in improving human/mutant relations. This would lead to a conflict between the X-Men and the New Mutants until the Mutants would flee the scene. Later, the New Mutants leader Cable would assassinate Xavier. Xavier's death would divide the X-Men in two, with one half seeing justice and the other vengeance. Forge would join Storm's team seeking justice.

They would not get the chance as they would have to prevent a Genoshan invasion of America. Later at the X-Mansion, Forge would aid the X-Men in a simultaneous attack on them by the Mutant Liberation Front, Fenris, Savage Land Mutates and the Hellfire Club.[1] Forge would be killed in the attack,[2] however the circumstances revolving around his death remain unrevealed.

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