Unlike most of the X-Men, Forge was not present at the X-Mansion when Logan was tricked into murdering by Mysterio when the villains mounted an organized attack on all superheroes at once.[1]

Forge (Earth-807128) vs. Aleksei Sytsevich (Earth-807128) from Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 18 001

Years after the villains had taken over the United States, Forge was living on a Cheyenne reservation in South Dakota. When the Rhino Gang targeted Forge's reservation, they were met with unexpected resistance, courtesy of Forge's hidden high-tech defenses, which annihilated the gang. Rhino himself was then beaten to death by Forge, mounted on a exo-skeleton.

When Logan found himself stranded in Earth-616, an alternate world set in the past where the villain uprising never happened, this world's Forge asked him about his counterpart's fate. Logan complied and told him the story about this Cheyenne mad scientist shaman who defeated the Rhino, and that even though he never had any confirmation it was Forge, Logan knew it was him.[2]


Seemingly those of the Forge of Earth-616.

Forge (Earth-807128) and Jubilation Lee (Earth-807128) from Wolverine Vol 3 70 001

Forge's corpse

  • Originally, as depicted in Wolverine Vol 3 #70, Forge was one of the numerous X-Men unwittingly killed by Wolverine at X-Mansion. Extraordinary X-Men #18 contradicts this, and even has Logan state that Forge was not at the school at the time the X-Men were killed.

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