At some point, his right arm was eaten by Cannibals.[1]

He served as a maker for the Red Queen. By her order, Forge conceived a machine, the Engines of God, to travel between realities. When the machine was created, he was killed by Mr. Scratch.[1]

Some time later, his body was stolen and preserved by Shaman's tribe.[2]

Eight years later, when Nate Grey from Earth-295 came to Earth-998, Shaman helped him escape from the Red Queen.[3] Together both Nate's went to a hidden village where Forge's body was kept. X-Man, under the guidance of the Shaman, used his powers to talk with Forge, who told them the truth about the Queen Maddie. Immediately thereafter, the village was attacked by Mr. Scratch and the Black Knights, and Forge's body was completely destroyed by Scratch.[2]

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