Quote1 I'm gonna try to stop the bleeding, unless bleeding is your hobby or something? Quote2
-- ForgetMeNot src
  ForgetMeNot was a member of Magneto's Mutant Resistance when they were held up behind the force walls of Fortress X. He used his ability to walk through battles and even take down soldiers without even being perceived until one night he came into contact with an Exonim soldier named Daniel Calhoun.
Daniel Calhoun (Earth-11326) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 300 002

Calhoun disappears in front of ForgetMeNot.

He noticed the soldier was injured so he stayed with him all night until dawn when he noticed Calhoun began to physically disappear right in front of him. ForgetMeNot tried to warn Magneto, but Magnus told him he didn't know who he was but that X was able to identify him as a mutant until he turned around and forgot that he was there, due to his powers. [1]


Seemingly those of the ForgetMeNot of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the ForgetMeNot of Earth-616.

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