Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Mazer Rackham
  • Victor Delgado
  • Lem Jukes

Supporting Characters:

  • Concepción
  • Ukko Jukes
  • Imala Bootstamp
  • Lem Jukes


Other Characters:

  • Patu
  • Fatini
  • Reinhart
  • Mono
  • Chubs
  • Fareed

Races and Species:




  • El Cavador
  • Victor's Tug

Synopsis for 1st story

Fatini and Reinhart watch Patu and Mazer practice shooting long-range targets. Patu hits the center of the target and Mazer gets a call saying the New Zealand Air Services need him and his squad in China. During the flight to China, Mazer tells his squad they are going to China to teach the Chinese army to fly their new attack helicopters in exchange for the Chinese army teaching them how to drive their newly developed "drill skis", a type of drill tank.

Three hundred million miles from earth in the El Cavador mining vessel, Concepción talks to her crew about an alien ship they spotted in deep space moving at near light speed. Victor volunteers to send the information to earth in person using a one-man tug. Victor repairs the tug's solar radiation shield and says goodbye to Mono and his parents. Concepción gives Victor the alien ship evidence on a data cube and his mother gives him a small disc. The message on the disc tells him to stay on earth and enroll in college.

Ukko Jukes, President and CEO of Jukes Limited, plays golf outside of his offices on the moon until he sends Imala Bootstamp into his office and joins her inside. Ukko seems worried that Imala continues to investigate his company's trade practices when her superior had told her to stop. Imala tells him that his ships have been exceeding weight limits without paying the required fees and fines. Ukko promises to look into the matter.

Victor, forty million miles from earth, decelerates the tug to make minor shield repairs. However, he forgets to engage the safety harness and nearly slips into space until he grabs the ship with a wrench. He finishes the repairs and re-assumes his flight back to earth.

About a month later, Lem Jukes and his crew hang out in a bar in Weigh Station Four. Chubs proposes a toast for "the Venezuelan free miners [the El Cavador] who so graciously gave us their dig site." One crew member adds that they should toast for their captain for all of the ore they mined from the stolen dig site. Lem also mentions that they steal credits from this dad.

In the Lunar Trade Department, Fareed tells Imala that he has to demote her. Imala says he is just letting Ukko Jukes bully him, but she soon accepts the new job of working as customs. Fareed says her first task is to works with a man who came to the moon on a tug without documentation or a flight plan. She meets with Victor and he shows her the evidence of the alien vessel.

Solicit Synopsis

The never-before-told prequel to Ender's Game continues! An unidentified ship is rocketing toward Earth with tech far beyond anything we've ever seen...and the only people who can give warning are a small band of asteroid miners millions of miles from home. The clock is ticking, and it doesn't look good for the human race. From New York Times bestselling author Orson Scott Card comes the tale of humanity's first contact with the Formics...and the horrible toll it took on mankind.

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