Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Concepción (Death)
  • Lem Jukes

Supporting Characters:

  • Mono (Death)


  • Formics

Other Characters:

  • Esteben

Races and Species:




  • El Cavador
  • Chinese Mining Vessel
  • Corporate Mining Vessel
    • Cargo Bay
  • Formic mothership

Synopsis for 1st story

The crew from the mining ship El Cavador observes the ruins of Weigh Station Four. Concepción decides against trying to save the people from the ruins in favor of stopping the alien ship. She finds that only two other ships currently match the speed of El Cavador and hails them, starting with a Chinese Mining Vessel owned by Wu-Hu International. The captain agrees to intercept with the El Cavador in three days and Lem Jukes makes the same agreement.

Three days later, the captains of the three mining vessels meet and plan on setting charges on the alien ship's hull. The women and children from El Cavador evacuate onto the Wu-Hu drill ship although Mono manages to stay on board. Concepción and Lem's men fire cables at the alien ship. They climb down and set charges on the ship, but one charge goes off prematurely and aliens climb out the damaged hull. The aliens peel off the charges and sacrifice themselves to peel the men off the hull. A gun from the alien ship destroys El Cavador.

Solicit Synopsis

The war is on! The Formic ship has blasted its way through the Belt, heading straight for Earth and greater destruction...but the surviving asteroid miners aren't giving up that easily. Fans of Ender's Game have heard tell of the historic Battle of the Belt, and this is it, in all it's do-or-die, to-the-last-man glory! The never-before-told prequel to Ender's Game continues here, from bestselling author and science-fiction master Orson Scott Card.

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