Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Mazer Rackham
  • Wit O'Toole
  • Lem Jukes

Supporting Characters:

  • Ukko Jukes
  • Victor Delgado
  • Imala Bootstamp


  • Formics

Other Characters:

  • Danwan
  • Shi Bingwen

Races and Species:




  • Lander

Synopsis for 1st story

Mazer Rackham wakes up in a home near the rice fields in China where Danwan and his grandson Bingwen help treat his wounds. Danwan tells Mazer that the Formics have sprayed chemicals all over China to kill the plants. In India, Captain Wit O'Toole tells his Mobile Operation Police (MOPS) that their requests to enter have been denied. Wit plans to cross borders illegally and bring a few members of MOPS with him in case he needs the help.

Lem Jukes meets with his father Ukko Jukes on the docking bay on the moon. Ukko tries to tell his son to make himself a war hero for the media, but Lem tells him that he did not lead the assault. He then tries to convince Lem to sponsor the Juke Limited for the upcoming war effort, but Lem once again refuses. Victor runs out from the crowd, held by Imala, and accuses Lem of killing Marco and El Cavador. Lem says the Formics destroyed El Cavador although the women and children had previously been evacuated.

Back in China, Mazer urges Danwan to move North with the other families, but Danwan decides to stay with his inherited land. Mazer says he must leave in the morning and Bingwen asks Mazer to stay. Danwan sits outside to guard his home during the night although the Formics sneak up on him and spray him with toxic mist. Mazer fights off the invading Formics and tells Bingwen to travel North with a passing family. Mazer and Bingwen go to the landing site and get bombarded by Formics. Captain Wit O'Toole and his MOPS forces save them from the Formics. Mazer tells Wit that they will win the war by using ski drills.

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