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Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Victor Delgado
  • Imala Bootstamp

Supporting Characters:

  • Mazer Rackham
  • Wit O'Toole
    • MOPs (Mobile Operations Police)
  • Lem Jukes
  • Ukko Jukes


  • Formics

Other Characters:

  • General Sima
  • Shi Bingwen

Races and Species:




  • Formic mother ship

Synopsis for 1st story

Imala watches Victor collect space junk, which he explains will help camouflage his tug to get closer to the Formic mother ship. In China, Captain Wit O'Toole and Lieutenant Mazer Rackham get brought into custody for detonating a nuclear bomb on Chinese soil, even though they had done it to destroy the Formics' lander. General Sima sentences them to leave Chinese soil and shows them a rocket which they will use to accomplish this. Wit reunites with his MOPs and Bingwen says goodbye to Mazer.

On the moon dock, Victor works on preparing his camouflaged tug until Lem Jukes interrupts him, offering supplies the Lem needs and a small fleet of camouflaged ships. Victor accepts the offer and Lem tries to convince his father to give Victor the needed technology, but Ukko refuses. Reinforcement Formics come out of the mother ship and start gassing Guangzhou, China.

In underground China, the Chinese government trains the MOPs and Mazer to be astronauts. Captain Wit O'Toole suspects they are only guinea pigs for the Chinese and resigns not to fail the first time around. Formics storm the training facility and the MOPs run away.

Near the Formic mother ship, Imala pilots the disguised tug while Victor grabs onto the ship. Back on the moon, Lem tries to convince his father not to send the army of drones to attack the mother ship because it would endanger of Imala and Victor. Ukko decides that two people are nothing compared to the millions of lives at stake and launches them anyway. As soon as the drones reach the mother ship, a door opens near Victor with guns to target the drones. Victor slips into the door as soon as the gun retracts.

Solicit Synopsis

The tide of war has turned. Wit O'Toole and Mazer Rackham have scored a major victory against the alien invaders. But hold your applause, citizens--the Formics are just getting started...and they're about to unleash their most deadly weapon yet. It's one step forward and three steps back in the fight to save the human race. The first round of the shocking prequel to Ender's Game comes to its exciting conclusion! From bestselling author and science-fiction master Orson Scott Card.

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