Forrest Goldendawn was a superstrong First Nations who lived in Canada with his brother, Ben, until he was kidnapped by the United States government and turned over to a mutant agent of theirs, Virus. At the time, the world's governments had just become aware of the mutant issue, and Virus's solution was to brainwash mutants into subservience to the government using his powers, which was seen as the "humane" alternative to the other proposed solution, Bolivar Trask's Sentinel program.

Forrest was selected as Virus's person host, whom he rode like an animal. A ragtag team of mutants, led by Wolverine and including Ben, stormed into the compound where the mutants were being held and rescued them, with Logan cutting Forrest free of Virus's brainwashing tendrils with his claws. The mutants were spirited away to Logan's safehouse, but Virus was not upset, as his control over Forrest persisted even after the physical connection was cut, allowing Forrest to act as a sleeper agent for Virus. Taking command of Forrest's mind, Virus commanded him to call the Sentinels on the safehouse.


Superhuman strength

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