Forrest Hunt (Earth-616) from Punisher Year One Vol 1 1 001

Forrest Hunt's corpse at the Central Park murder scene

Forrest Hunt was a corrupt banker whom acted as an intermediary between the Costa mob and San Lorenzo diplomat-turned-drug dealer Hector Montoya. He laundered the money with which the Costas bought the drugs Montoya provided to them, and which Montoya then employed to buy weapons he supplied to both the Santo Angelo Contras and the Costas themselves. Eventually, as his main aim was to finance the contras, and the United States Congress had reinstated funds to help them, Montoya decided to stop the dealing because of his idealism. Hunt, on the other hand, had no intentions to renounce to the high profits, so he cut Montoya out of the deal and kept selling the drugs he received from Santo Angelo to the mob. Upon discovering this, Montoya placed fake drug in his suitcase and caused the Costas to execute Hunt for puportedly trying to cheat them.[1] Unfortunately, Frank Castle and his family stumbled upon the scene in Central Park, and ended up being also killed in the process. Both Frank and Hunt survived the event. With his dying words, while recovering at the Mount Sinai Medical Center [2], he convinced his son, Jason, that he was trying to help the Santo Angelo Contras in the first place and Montoya betrayed him. Eventually, he succumbed to his wounds.[3]


  • Banking management

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